What to do
PineRiver Spa
At PineRiver, you choose what to do
At PineRiver, you choose what to do

What to do

You can definitely find something to suit every taste in Pine River. Relaxation of body and soul in a unique all-season SPA complex, chamber workshops in a pottery workshop or extreme outdoor activities.
A unique complex with an all-season outdoor swimming pool. You can swim right under the stars or in the rain, enjoying the warm water and the panorama around in any weather.
Balinese massage combines the best techniques of oriental massage: manual therapy, acupressure, aromatherapy, Ayurveda and classical massage.
The PineRiver bath complex is a rest and cleansing for the soul and body. On the ground floor there is a steam room, a shower room and a small swimming pool.
To stay confidently in the saddle and feel like a real rider - PineRiver fulfills dreams that are easy to forget in daily worries.
In the pottery workshop, under the guidance of an experienced craftsman, you will learn how to sculpt, burn and turn into a real artist for a while.
Cozy wood-burning sauna with large panoramic windows. Inside there is a steam room, a relaxation room, a shower room and a bathroom.
Going fishing is a phrase that for many sounds almost sacred.
Breathe a little drive into your vacation! Quad bike ride in the vicinity of Pine River.
Going up in a hot air balloon is a new exciting, insanely romantic and absolutely safe adventure that cannot be forgotten!
Just grab one of our bikes and go explore the area.
The new stylish space in the hotel is the Pine Lounge. There is everything here to spend time with pleasure.
The Rope Park is a place that will test the strength, agility and endurance of urban residents!
* Please note that some of the services are provided by the hotel's partners. All settlements are made directly with the contractor and the partner is fully responsible for the quality of the services provided.
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