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Rules of accommodation

1. Reception, accommodation and accommodation of guests at the Pine River country Hotel (hereinafter referred to as the "hotel") are carried out in accordance with the "Rules for the provision of hotel services in the Russian Federation" approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1085 dated 09.10.2015.

2. Persons who have made an advance payment receive the primary right to stay at the hotel. The guest has the right to make payment for the room(s) in advance for the entire time at which the check-in is scheduled.

In case of cancellation, modification of the reservation (in particular, reduction of the amount of services), the guest will be charged a fine: less than 14 days before the provision of services (arrival)- the fine is equal to 100% of the changed cost of services; for the period of holidays and vacation arrivals in the period less than 30 days before the date of arrival – the fine is equal to 100% of the cost of services.

3. Registration of the Guest's stay at the hotel is carried out by the on–duty administrator on the basis of an identity document - passport (otherwise not provided).

4. Check-in at the hotel is made only after the Guest has paid for the entire expected period of stay. If the Guest wishes to extend the stay at the hotel beyond the number of days paid for at the time of accommodation, his stay at the hotel can be extended only if there are available rooms. If the room in which the Guest lives is booked by another person, the Guest may be offered another available room. Payment for the extension of the stay is made on the day of the extension.

5. According to international rules, check-in is made at 17:00 local time, check-out is made at 14:00 and means that by this hour the Guest must leave the room, hand over the keys and pay all bills. Late check-out is subject to availability and is charged according to the hotel's rates.

6. It is prohibited in the hotel and on its territory:

- Smoke in all areas of the hotel, throw bottles and other garbage on the territory of the hotel.

- Use vehicles (except bicycles), damage vegetation and cover pedestrian paths.

- Leave strangers in the room in your absence, as well as give them the keys to the room.

- Use pyrotechnic devices (fireworks, sparklers, firecrackers, etc.) without approval.

- Store bulky items, flammable, explosive, toxic, narcotic materials and substances, firearms in the room.

- Use additional heating devices.

- Rearrange, remove furniture, bedding and other property of the hotel from the room.

- Make noise, listen to music and other audio-video equipment at high volume. Disturb the peace of guests staying in neighboring rooms and on the territory of the hotel in general.

- Light bonfires in the recreational area of the hotel and use your own barbecues.

- To transport animals and birds to the territory and keep them in the hotel rooms without the consent of the Administration.

In case of non-compliance by the Guest with the above requirements, as well as violation of generally recognized norms of behavior, the Administrator has the right to charge a fine, refuse to provide services to the Guest and evict him from the hotel ahead of time without returning funds to the Guest for paid but not received services.

7. At the request of the Guest, invited persons are allowed to stay at the hotel (from 09:00 to 23:00). The administrator has the right, without explaining the reason, not to give the Guest permission for the stay of the persons invited by him. If the visitor stays in the Guest's room after 23:00, the Administrator charges the Guest the cost of an additional seat.

8. The guest is obliged to:

- comply with the "Fire safety rules for hotel guests", the established order of accommodation and cleanliness;

- to compensate for damage in case of loss or damage to property by him personally or for persons invited by him, according to the current "Price list for damage to hotel property" in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. The fact of damage to property and reimbursement of its value is formalized by an act, which is drawn up in 2 copies.

- at the end of the stay, hand over the room to the Receptionist on duty and make a full payment for the additional services provided, including products from the mini-bar.

9. The hotel administration is not responsible for the safety of documents, money, securities, things, jewelry left in the room that have not been deposited in the safe. Jewelry, money, documents, etc. are deposited in a safe located at the Receptionist on duty, according to the Rules for storing personal belongings.

10. In case of discovery of forgotten items, the hotel Administration notifies the Guest by phone or otherwise.

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